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Western Times Group of publications consisting of more than 49 year old English daily established in 1967 and several Gujarati dailies are now on the internet available to any one in the world for reading at his or her convenience and download full copy of epapers in pdf format and read offline.

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The www.westerntimes.co.in will cover the main flagship Western Times English daily Covers almost all parts of Gujarat including Rural areas and the Gujarati morning dailies Gandhinagar WESTERN TIMES, (Which covers North Gujarat, Saurashtra, South Gujarat, Panchmahal, Zalawad Districts) and popular Gujarati afternoon Ahmedabad WESTERN TIMES. (Covers Ahmedabad District, City and Surrounding areas)

The readers are invited to use our media to publish their views, project their problems and even social requirements by providing us their information by email which is [email protected]

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